Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use it?
Debug Turbo arrives as a concentrate. No need to emulsify - just mix with water and spray. We recommend a dilution rate of 1% to start (for less hearty plants including those in containers we advise a dilution rate of 0.5% to 0.75%). Remember specific plants react differently so always test a small portion of the plant for phyto-toxicity before treating the entire plant. We recommend applying once a week. Spray on the leaves and stems including the underside of the plant and increase frequency & dosage if problems persist.

What types of pests does it work against?
Over 200+ pests and fungal diseases. Debug protects your plants against whiteflies, spider mites, japanese beetles, caterpillars, leafminers and more.

What types of plants does it protect?
Our customers have been using Debug on a wide variety of plants. Debug is ideal for edibles (fruits, vegetables and herbs), ornamentals (flowers, roses, shrubs and lawns), Hemp and more.

Does it work against powdery mildew and other fungal diseases?
Yes! Debug protects your plants against insects, fungus, mites and nematodes.

Can I use Debug as a preventative?
Yes we highly recommend this. Use as a preventive on healthy plants once per week.

Can I use Debug on plants in containers or indoor houseplants?
Yes of course! For less hearty plants including those in containers we advise a dilution rate of 0.5% to 0.75%.

Does it work on Hemp (cannabis) plants?
Yes! Our customers have been using it on these plants for years. Debug is particularly effective against russet mites, aphids, fungus gnats and thrips among other common hemp pests.

Is it harmful to birds, bees and beneficials
It is not harmful to birds. We do not recommend applying this product while bees are actively visiting the treatment area. Debug will not harm beneficial bugs.

How does it work?
Debug works as an insecticide, anti-feedant, repellent, and insect growth regulator. Neem oil gives the product its anti-fungal benefits. See how it works here.

When is it safe to harvest?
Debug is safe to harvest as soon as dry.

Can I re-use left over mixture?
We do not recommend this. Some active ingredients in our formulation loose their effectiveness after prolonged exposure to sunlight and after mixing with water. We recommend using all the mixture a week after mixing each bottle of spray.

The Debug Difference

What is unique about the Debug formulation?
Our formulation is stronger than Neem oil or Azadirachtin alone. Debug contains more than just Neem oil or Azadirachtin but both, combined with over 100 botanically derived triterpenoids and other ingredients that enhance its effectiveness. Research has shown that pesticides containing Azadirachtin alone are less effective and prone to a) UV degradation, b) Oxidation c) Pest immunity. In short, our formulation is more stable, lasts longer & targeted pests do not develop immunity.

What is the difference between Debug and other organic pest repellent products?
That's an easy one! Most organic home garden pest control products on the market are nothing more than overpriced vegetable oil sprays for plants (peppermint oil, cedar oil, etc.) which in high concentrations can actually harm plants through leaf burn / phytotoxicity and are not as effective as traditional pesticides in controlling pests. These products are not even regulated for efficacy by the EPA!

What is the difference between Debug and other neem based pest control products?
Most neem-based pest control products on the market contain 'hydrophobic extract of neem oil' or 'neem oil extract' which has low concentrations of azadirachtin (the strongest active ingredient in neem that protect plants from pests). At best these products are not as effective or waste money, at worst they are false advertising and low quality.

Are your products used by the Organic farming industry and other professional?
Yes, Debug Turbo has been used by several large and small organic farmers in the USA and Mexico for the last 20 years.

Are your products natural? What is Neem?
Neem is an evergreen tree found in dry, tropical areas and has been used for centuries as a natural pesticide. Other names including Azadirachta indica and Indian lilac. It is a medicinal tree and is known as "the village pharmacy" because almost all parts of the tree are used for medicinal purposes. The flowers are consumed by humans to flush out the worms in the stomach. Neem oil is used to cure several skin diseases including Eczema, Psoraisis etc. The extract of neem leaves are used to make hair oil, tooth paste and other cosmetic products. Neem seed extract is known for its pesticidal and insecticidal properties. Our formulation comes from the seeds of the tree.